The central warehouse and offices on the property are home to the STAR Solar offices and a local labor company, Hart Rebar. The office space is being utilized by both companies, with Hart Rebar’s office being separate from those inhabited by STAR Solar employees.

The Solar Warehouse will serve as STAR Solar’s operation base for installation and maintenance of solar projects in the region, primarily being used for storage, pre-assembly, and various warehousing needs. This warehouse will also be used in the solar jobs training programs being brought to 822 Renew.

The West Warehouse is a massive 42,000 square foot building that stretches between 16th and 17th Streets.  This space is intended to be used for rebar pre-tying, additional solar warehousing, and a mattress recycling facility. Along with the Solar Warehouse, STAR also plans to host training for solar energy jobs in this section of the property as well.