The historic brick building that once housed the Bernheim Distillery Bottling Plant is set to be dedicated and named after West Louisville’s own Ray “Sir Friendly C” Barker. The Ray Barker building is divided into three main sections; Section A, Section B, and Basement.

Section A of the Ray Barker building is home to 13 offices on 3 floors. The first and third floors of the building are being leased by the Plymouth Community group, a 100-year old community organization.

The  second floor offices have been donated to local community advocacy groups that are teaming with STAR Energy to achieve community goals.

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  • Office A13: Eddy DavisEddy Davis Photography
  • Office A14: Ridge WilsonBouncey Houses
  • Office A15: GustaviaPlymouth Food Pantry
  • Office A21: Nicole and Rico WhiteLouisville Community Connectors
  • Office A22: G.M. Khalid RaheemArabian Federation
  • Office A23: Ray BarkerDirector
  • Office A24: G.M. Chuck CowanNu Chapter Tai Chi & Qi Gong Institute
  • Office A25: Dr. Georgia Turner2 Not 1
  • Office A32: Markham FrenchPlymouth Community Center
  • Office A33: Kathleen ParksProtest to Progress
  • Office A34: Jackie MayfieldS.A.N.F.A.N.
  • Conference Room: Meshorn DanielsGod’s Lives Matter
  • Conference Room: Peter Hayes and Adolph ThompkinsMan Up

Section B is the remainder of the original bottling plant, consisting of two floors and a basement. The basement is set to house a start-up aquaculture operation aimed at growing fish and vegetables. The first floor of Section B will primarily be used as storage space for local interests and a workshop for the maintenance team.

The second floor is divided into 2 spaces; the finished “Event Space” that can be rented out as a venue for functions, and an unfinished space that is currently being negotiated for use as a production studio.