Office A21: Nicole and Rico White – Louisville Community Connectors

Building Bridges And Connecting To The Community To Better Serve The Needs Of Our People . We Help Rebuild The Old, Promote The New, And Ignite A Vision.

“Each of us should please our neighbors for their good, to build them up.”

-Rom 15:2

Office A22: G.M. Khalid Raheem – Arabian Federation Martial Arts Academy

We are The Arabian Federation Martial Arts Academy. Our style is “Cross-N-Ryu”. (A mixture of traditional and non-traditional styles and systems). With a street / war combat / self defense approach. We specialize in building self confidence, self esteem, respect for self and others. We plant the seed of the value of self and family and how to be an asset to your growth, family and community.

Office A25: Dr. Georgia Turner – 2 Not 1

2NOT1’s work is driven by our mission to promote the safety and well-being of children by implementing strategies to keep fathers involved and families together. At 2NOT1, we are dedicated to building strong family units by working closely with fathers to assist them with removing barriers in their lives that prevent them from being Engaged with their children, Educated on the resources available to assist them with being effective fathers, and Empowered to be the best fathers they can possible be.

Office A32: Markham French – Plymouth Community Center

Plymouth Community Renewal Center is a private, non-profit urban mission affiliated with the Council for Health and Human Service Ministries of the United Church of Christ. Plymouth was established in 1917 as Plymouth Settlement House by Reverend E. G. Harris of Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ. Today, Plymouth’s mission is to provide a variety of programs and services designed to strengthen clients and help them realize their full potential.

Office A33: Kathleen Parks – Protest to Progress

Protest To Progress Inc., is a nonprofit agency that is dedicated to providing strategies and opportunities that foster community development and empowerment.

Conference Room: Peter Hayes and Adolph Thompkins – Man Up

Changing the Social Behavior of Men throughout America, one man at a time!
We believe all men in our community should set high standards for morality, integrity, ethics and hard work. It is our goal that we, as men, become reliable individuals, providers, husbands, fathers and community leaders. We endeavor to strengthen men through mentoring, peacemaking, justice, reconciliation and shared prosperity.

Conference Room: Meshorn Daniels – God’s Lives Matter

To be a positive, visible influence in our community by our words and actions; proclaiming the value of every human life which was created by God.